Cyprus IP legislation has developed in the past two decades due to the emerging need for the establishment of concrete means of I.P. protection both at national and international level.

In 2004, the Cyprus Intellectual Property Law aligned with  the  EU , signing a number of treaties  bringing  Cyprus into line with international amendments made in intellectual property law.

We offer high quality and effective  serice to our clients covering the full range of contentious and non contentious legal services in this area.We combine our experience in this area with our experience in  corporate law  and litigation.Our firm deals with the areas listed below:

Trademarks and unfair competition, including: 

·         Clearance of use advice, including extensive searches.

·         Filing application forms for registration (on a national, international and Community level

·         Maintaining domestic and foreign trademark registration portfolios, including renewals and global portfolio management and enforcement.

·         Trademark oppositions.

·         Trademark cancellation.

·         Trademark and unfair competition litigation.

·         Counterfeiting.

·         Trademark agreements such as transfer, licensing, brand extensions and contract manufacturing of branded products.

·         Due diligence.


Patents, including:

·         Filling national, European and international applications for the registration of patents.

·         Litigation and revocation proceedings.

·         Validation of European Patents in Cyprus.

·         Dealing with patent issues arising within the context of corporate transactions.

·         Transfer and licensing of patented technology.



Copyright exists in scientific works, literary works including computer software, musical works, artistic works, photographs etc. The Law of Intellectual Property provides remedies for copyright infringement in the event of: 

·         Criminal offences listed in the Law.

·         Penalties include a fine or imprisonment for up to three years.

·         Civil remedies including damages, destruction or delivery if infringing copies and the equipment by which the copies are produced, an account of profits and an injunction.