Corporate law also known as Company law is the body of laws that governs the formation and operation of companies, organizations and businesses. It regulates the corporations, investors, shareholders, directors, employees, creditors and other stakeholders. It is in accordance with the rights and obligations of any individual involved with forming, owning, operating and managing a company, organization and business.


Our law firm provides company registration, incorporation and administration in Cyprus and in other jurisdictions through our selected partners. Our aim is to remove pressure from our clients when dealing with complex banking and finance issues.  Agathokleous-Neophytou & Co. LLC provides expert advice on all aspects of corporate and financial law. Our dedicated law team wants to help our clients manage finances appropriately.

Our corporate and financial division has extensive expertise and offers clients

professional services in the following areas bellow:


  • Registrar of Companies for approval of the Company’s name
  • Corporate reorganization, reconstruction and optimization of business structure
  • Private equity and capital raising
  • Provision of nominee services of shareholder, director and secretarial services
  • Advice in respect to international tax planning (offering alternative tax structures)
  • Preparation of corporate documents and agreements
  • Book-keeping, VAT registration and administration
  • Assistance with opening a bank account
  • Receiving and handling correspondence (telephone, faxes, mail, e-mail)


Depending on our client’s needs, we provide any service regarding the incorporation of companies.

Agathokleous-Neophytou & Co. LLC has a vast experience in representing and guiding shareholders, directors and companies in business disputes in any jurisdiction. Our skilled and capable Corporate Client Services team is able to deal with any legal issues arising in the setting up of a company and assisting with the administrative burden of maintaining a company.

We are able to offer all services associated with our client’s business, whether they are

interested in expanding their business or improving its status.