Debt collection is the process of pursing debt recovery and bad debt recovery solutions for clients with low costs.

Our legal firm is an exclusive representative of in Cyprus. (

Our lawyers have a thorough knowledge and experience of effective debt collection. Our team of lawyers is well acquainted with the laws and regulations governing this area as well as the local culture. This enables us to claim our clients debts short term and with the minimum costs possible. Our law firm as well as our lawyers have an excellent track record in debt recovery and work tirelessly on their clients behalf to ensure the best outcomes possible outcome.

Our dedicated lawyers advice their clients on how to recover their debts without resorting to litigation and they contact the parties on their clients behalf. If this is method is not successful our lawyers then guide their clients through a different approach which is the paperwork and procedures involved in litigation. Our law firms approach to each case is designed to get the optimum result as we provide advice and help tailor- made for each case. At our legal firm, Agathokleous-Neophytou & Co LLC our lawyers provide services for locals, internationals, banks, small and large firms.