Family law also known as matrimonial law focuses on the issues of family relationships such as marriage, civil unions, domestic partnership, divorce, annulment, child abuse and child abduction, child support, adoption, surrogacy, child custody and visitations, property, settlements, alimony, juvenile adjudication, paternity testing, paternity fraud and many more. Clients are represented in family court proceedings or in negotiations between the parties.

Our lawyers can ensure to help the clients as well as their loved ones by properly advising them, representing them and protecting them during all legal proceedings. Our firm acknowledges that family law is sensitive subject and has a wide scope of issues. We assure all clients that the information that is shared with our lawyers are strictly confidential, and our priority is the well being and mental stability of our clients. Thus, all our lawyers maximize their abilities when it comes to family court proceedings in order to achieve the safest outcome for their client and build trust based on mutual respect.