Property law refers to the law that governs ownership in immovable property such us real property and personal property. Contract law legally protects the property and when violated lawyers can sue under Tort law.

Our law firm deals with all matters relating to real estate transactions. Our experienced property lawyers and consultants can assist clients with residential, commercial, mixed-use and industrial property acquisition, sale or lease. In addition, our lawyers can advise clients on residential, tourism and industrial real estate development, government permits and procedures. Furthermore, they can also advise clients on all legal aspects of purchasing, renting or developing property. Our firm understands the client’s need to be kept informed; thus, we ensure our clients are kept up to date and satisfied with the transaction throughout the process.

Our lawyers can provide services to their clients on the below matters of real estate:

  • purchase and sale of residential property;
  • purchase and sale of commercial property;
  • Landlord and tenant;
  • Remortgaging;
  • Property transfer;
  • Property Disputes;
  • Property tax issues.